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Frequently Asked Questions...
Sounds like you all stay pretty busy during your retreats. Am I fit enough to participate?
Yes, you are absolutely correct! We do try to make the most out of your vacation time, but remember it is a retreat, so there is plenty of time for relaxing in the afternoon and evening hours.  Though it is certainly more rewarding to participate fully in the retreat, all of our yoga classes and activities are optional.  That said, we recommend that you have a fair level of fitness before coming on one of our trips.  If you have taken a break from exercise for a while, the retreat will be a great way to jump start a new fitness routine.  If you haven’t been off the couch in a couple of years, this probably isn’t the vacation for you.  
Do I need to have some yoga experience before going on the trip?  
Yoga experience would be extremely helpful before coming on our trip.  If you have never taken a class before, you should consider checking out your local yoga studio. We suggest attending at least a few classes before coming on the retreat so that you are familiar with the general structure of a yoga class as well as some poses and their names. However, that being said, all of our classes will be suitable for all levels offering both beginner modifications and more advanced pose variations.
What kind of yoga do you practice?  
You can expect our morning practice to resemble a flow or vinyasa practice. A general warm up will be followed by invigorating sun salutations linking combinations of poses together to wake up and prepare for our exciting day ahead. In the afternoon or evenings we will unwind with a more gentle restorative practice using deep stretches and breath work to relax your body in preparation for sleep.
What should I bring?  
There is a packing list specific for each trip.  Please click on the link under Adventures for your particular trip.  Other than the essentials, make sure to bring a positive attitude and open heart!
What is the average group size?
Groups average eight to twelve participants plus your two group leaders.
Are men welcome to join your retreats?  
Of course!  Retreats are open to both genders, eighteen and older unless specifically stated otherwise.
Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?  
We will do our best to accommodate any special meal requirements you may have.  Please notify us as soon as possible.
For any other questions please feel free to contact us: